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Let's Talk Gut Health

You’ve often heard of the term gut health but what does it actually mean?. Let's take a look

Let's talk about gut health

A healthy gut refers to the right balance of microbes in your digestive tract. This balance is essential as it greatly impacts the immune system preventing bad bacteria, viruses, and other foreign particles from entering the bloodstream. Our gut also impacts our mental health due to its ability to stimulate the nervous system and communicate with the brain. Latest research has shown that exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help maintain good gut health.

Exercise and gut health

The right balance of gut microbiota is vital for maintaining good gut health. Regular exercise has been linked with an increase in the number of good bacteria in the gut. More number of good bacteria means more short-chain fatty acids will be produced which in turn leads to better digestion of plant fibers in your diet.

Your lifestyle and gut health

The role of diet and other lifestyle factors is getting recognized day by day. Macronutrients in our diet play a significant role in the nourishment and activity of gut microbiota. Eating a diet rich in plant-based proteins and reducing highly processed foods with high sugar and high-fat content greatly improves gut health.

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