Blood flow restriction training has been researched to enhance muscular strength and size without bearing heavy loads as well as increasing aerobic capacity and endurance. They are great for rehabilitation, in post-surgical patients, people with injuries, and in physical therapy. 


BFR Band purchase comes with a free guide on how to use them, FAQs, proper technique, along with a 4-week progressive overload training program incorporating them. You will receive an email after purchase with the coupon code to redeem you free guide.


These are one-size fits all made with elastic so they are stretchy. Please refer to the guide before using. 


They also come with a cute little mesh bag to store them in your gym bag. I recommend putting a hair tie on the band, then getting the logo through the buckle. Once you have done this, you can leave them looped from now on and just slip them on and off your legs. The hair tie will help if you have a long tail. 


BFR Bands