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Welcome to my Certified Muscle Mommy Pregnancy workout plan.


 I’m sharing the fitness routine I followed during my entire pregnancy. These pregnancy exercises are meant to keep you feeling good throughout the next 9 months while maintaining muscle & still achieving your goals.


Program Includes:

  • Full Body workout splits for every 4 weeks (3 trimesters=40 weeks total)
  • Nutrition tips for every trimester
  • Affirmations for every trimester
  • Morning sickness relief tips & how to stay motivated
  • Functional core & pelvic floor exercises weekly to prevent diastasis recti
  • Labor prep stretches/exercises as you near 40 weeks
  • Supplement guidance during pregnancy
  • Alternatives & considerations as your bump grows
  • A special offer at the end to prepare you for your postpartum journey 


This program is designed to:

  • Teach you how to change & modify with your growing belly
  • Keep your metabolism high during pregnancy
  • Reduce excess weight gain during pregnancy
  • Help you prep for an easier labor & faster recovery
  • Improve yours & baby's health
  • Help with mental health & depression
  • Help you love your growing bump & make it easier to snap back postpartum!
  • Help you to maintain the muscle you had prior to pregnancy


So let's go mama! I am so excited to watch you thrive throughout your pregnancy!

Certified Muscle Mommy Pregnancy Guide

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