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This guide is designed to ignite strength building and endurance for your career.


It was made for firefighters, first responders, medical providers, police officers, military personnel, and any other careers that require strength, endurance, and physical skill. 


This plan was also created for those of you (men and women) who are not yet involved in these careers but have interest or are wanting to train for their futures.


The guide is 30 pages long. It includes supplement information and usefulness, brief nutrition info, meal timing, and tracking tips.


The workouts are split into 4 week increments, meaning the first phase; you will be completing week 1, week 2, week 3, and week 4. For the remaining four weeks, you are going back and "starting over," but this time focusing on increasing your lifts and endurance for week 5-8.


This guide is meant to ignite your potential, help you gain strength, increase endurance, improve balance and core strength, and help you in your day to day lives and with your future or current careers. 

Ignition Guide

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